May 19 • 6M

#789 — The cold bike 雪单骑

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Wu Fei 吴非
Fresh improvised and composed music from Wu Fei every day of the week.

This multitrack guzheng composition was created and recorded yesterday, inspired by a photo by my husband in taken Tibet in January, 1997. He rode a bike (photo below) by himself for a year from Pakistan to Xinjiang to Tibet and Nepal. I envy him to this day.

The music started from double tremolos plucked by my thumb and middle fingers back and forth in a rapid speed. In music, tremolos create a trembling effect. The tremolos in the piece keep building to more layers on different pitches, which expand the tone colors of the harmonies. I love shifting tone colors in music. It changes our emotions from hearing shifts of chords and sonic textures. It is also a completely scientific process to our human bodies where sound waves hit our eardrums. And then, instantly, it moves our emotions. Is that the most magical thing ever?

Hope this piece brings you a moment of peace into the weekend.

Wu Fei 吴非