Jun 13 • 9M

#598 — Milky summer 乳夏

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Fresh improvised and composed music from Wu Fei every day of the week.

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing summer holiday if you are from the northern hemisphere. By the time you hear this piece, which was recorded two days ago, I have left Nashville to New Zealand. I have family in New Zealand. We have been separated by the pandemic for more than three years. It will be a very long travel.

After Covid, the new requirements for entering New Zealand have been difficult and confusing. For this week, I will be focusing on making sure that my family and I will arrive in Auckland eventually.

Therefore, I am taking this week off until I figure out the next steps. Please enjoy all the music in my archive since my first episode published on May 3, 2020. I actually haven’t taken any week off from substack since then. I will be back most likely on Friday the 17th. Thank you very much for your understanding and generous support!

Wu Fei 吴非

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Silverleaf blooms in Tennessee right now. Photo by me.