Aug 1 • 6M

#621 — After Covid 筝无冠

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Fresh improvised and composed music from Wu Fei every day of the week.

After nearly two weeks of recovering from Covid, yesterday was the first day I felt I was getting close to be 100% again. I made a video of an improvisation to celebrate (see below). After making the video, I recorded this audio track in one take as the sequel. Hope it brings a moment of peace to your new week.

I’d like to thank Substack for interviewing me for What to Read, its series of newsletter recommendations. Substack has given me an easy platform to publish my music, thoughts, and get paid by subscribers. I launched my Substack in May 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, and I had to learn to self-record —a brand new skill to me.

Many thanks to you all for your generous support!

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